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Tipping Point aims to provide stewardship to affect policy, planning and delivery of the transformation towards a sustainable future. We see no more an important call to action. At the start, the smallest adjustment can make the biggest change to the outcome. Our role is to be part of leading these first steps. We do not expect to be the leader, but one of many leaders and contributors.

Tipping Point is passionate about its vision. To deliver our vision, Tipping Point’s corporate values provide the foundation for the business and guide the way that we work as an organisation. Our corporate values are:

Integrity: A forthcoming honesty that embraces empathy for the circumstances of others.

Clarity: Addressing the immediate and future result by distilling away distracting urgent, yet unimportant.

Quality: The use of a purpose-centric design that removes anything unnecessary and directs the process to provide a consistent and certain outcome.