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Tipping Point is committed to utilising and testing all of the advice and lessons from working with our clients. As an active participant in the economic adjustment to a sustainable future, we consider the delivery of our own service as an excellent research and development opportunity. We thus gather metrics and gain valuable lessons that are and will continue to be core to the value we provide our clients and the community.

Best practice in sustainability is a rapidly evolving arena. As with all new and evolving areas, there are many champions and many who are misguided. Sustainability and the consideration of a carbon constrained world is often counter-intuitive in the sense that what is ‘good for one’ is not necessarily ‘good for many’. Thankfully, there are many large gains from small impacts to the usual way of doing business.

Tipping Point is an office-based organisation. Following are some examples of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment:

·         We only print electronic documents by exception (there is strictly no printing of email, instant messaging or non-document online content)

·         We print double-sided and only in colour when colour adds to the message of the content being printed

·         We only use 100% recycled stock in all printed material

·         All incoming printed material is managed electronically where practicable

·         We use virtualisation to minimise office tool power consumption, provide seamless availability anywhere of all desktop tools and support the ability to utilise ‘re-use sourced’ low-power client hardware

·         We support working practices and tools to allow employees, associates and partners to minimise commuting and inter-office travel

·         We only source products and services from organisations that have operational sustainable policies and methods