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Public Sector Strategy

Maintaining and improving productivity is an outcome of the stewardship of the public sector.

Tipping Point aims to improve the quality of information driving the public sector, allowing additional variables to be considered in the decision-making process. Our experience in infrastructure, government procurement, and the built environment provides a multi-disciplinary base from which to assess policy decisions in a broader context.

Policy Impact Assessment

In today’s world there is no one right answer, rather a series of right answers emerge from any investigation each with different auxiliary outcomes. Too often these outcomes include collateral damage with politically relevant effects and too often, the analysis of the policy ignores these ‘side’ effects until it is too late.

Tipping Point employs a series of methodologies such as Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Monte Carlo, Reverse Agile, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis to clarify the effects of government initiatives. This process engages with the complexity of the outcomes while providing clear results that can inform policy makers and stakeholders.

Strategic Advisory Services

Tipping Point has provided advisory services since its inception, having managed, led and provided professional services on infrastructure projects in roads, rail, airports, telecommunications, water and most recently, cloud computing. These services have been utilised by public and private sector organisations in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australasia.

Private Sector Engagement

Once policy has been distilled into a set of targets there is typically a need to understand what role the private sector can have in assisting government to meet them. It could be expected that simply offering a contract to market would illicit supply, yet in reality how this is done can have a significant bearing on whether there is any response at all and always has a bearing on whether best value for money is available. At Tipping Point, we have professionals from across industry sectors providing insight for how best to approach the private sector.

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