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Nothing is standalone—find clarity in context. 

Infrastructure is the enabler of an economy, whether a legal system, a traffic light control system or a port. Infrastructure at Tipping Point is an approach that integrates the competing trends and policies of today to guide planning in national infrastructure.

Infrastructure projects are by their nature large and provide benefits that are difficult to enumerate. The analysis is typically limited to guide, but is not so complete as to obscure the benefits of the project by dealing with the complexity in too much depth.

Customer-Centric Design

Few passenger journeys comprise the use of a single mode of transport, yet most transport planning is considered in the context of a particular mode. Improving the adoption of passenger transport services is a key component of improving the sustainability of any economy. Passenger-centric design frames the approach to planning based on the end-to-end journey and provides key insights into improving the benefits of transport infrastructure.

Transport Planning

Tipping Point has been at the forefront of transport planning methodology for 15 years. The basis of our approach is to consider transport as a system in context to the society and city's urban plan. We see planning for a mode of transport in isolation as a flawed approach, destined to under-deliver to any planned outcome. This failure is not from a lack of professionalism or capability, but from a lack of integrated planning. That is, the project was framed without considering the context of the service that the project was intended to offer. Transport projects are pieces of a puzzle, not goals in themselves. Integrated Transport Planning addresses this limitation by looking at the service-solution the project is responding to.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Building on the work of our research arm, The Tipping Point Institute, we work with our clients to in project development, feasibility, grant application and other government engagement for renewable energy projects.

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