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Government Procurement

You get what you ask for. 

Government is the largest procurer of products and services in every country on earth. This buying power has a significant influence on industry and the choices then available to the community in all facets of life. The greatest influence upon the capabilities of industry and the capacity of our economy is the buying power of the public sector. The potential for waste and lost opportunity is all the larger with any mismanagement of the process.

Efficient and effective procurement is a specialist discipline not easily tacked onto a project or programme. In factoring in the additional complexity of probity, and community and media liaison in Government procurement there are many examples where the goals have not been achieved. Tipping Point has lead and supported the full life-cycle of public sector procurement in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Tipping Point provides guidance, leadership and strategy for procurement processes via the following services:

Bid Leadership

In times of recession, having the Government as your client is very appealing. However the process of obtaining a public sector contract can be daunting. This necessarily structured approach that often comprises three or more stages over as much as a year should not be entered into lightly, nor should it dissuade a capable organisation.

Tipping Point has a unique perspective from having been on both sides of the process. Experienced in the procurement process and nuances of the different departments and sections of Government from the inside, we have been successful in winning business for ourselves and private sector clients.

If you are considering responding to an Expression of Interest, Request for Proposal or Request for Tender or wish to find out what business you could compete for, our distinctive approach and knowledge of industry will make a difference – the difference between winning and losing.

The goal of a response to a tender procurement process should not be the proposed services or supply. Rather it should be the next stage of procurement or the short list for negotiation. This focus on the process guides a very different strategy than that based mainly on the business development goals. This approach targets maximising the proposal in the evaluation process but this is often challenging to do from within the organisation. If the potential business is worth the investment of developing a bid, then it should be worth the guidance of ensuring the proposal is reviewed in the best light.

Unsolicited Proposals

Tipping Point provisions the service of unsolicited proposals to Government regarding issues outside of immediate policy focus, where an outcome would be of great benefit. In order to be considered, proposals must be formatted in a particular manner, and contain information relating to the opportunity, costs and benefit, impact and risk, and the capacity of the proponent to deliver. The compliance and conformance requirements of responses to government are non-trivial and often complex - yet this is only the first level of assessment in considering a proposal. Understanding how a bid is going to be evaluated and the process to finalising negotiation makes the difference between…

Procurement Governance

Understanding a problem may mean knowing the solution, although it may not translate into knowing how to procure it. Adherence to procurement guidelines, maintenance of probity and ensuring the contractual engagement of the supplier will provide value for money are never simply supplementary tasks. Poor governance of procurement is wasteful and often results in obtaining a poor or wrong service or product at a greater cost than the right one. The cost of professional governance is significantly less than this waste and allows for the personnel to focus on their role rather than the process of procurement.

Tipping Point has defined strategy, led and advised on over one hundred public sector procurement processes and infrastructure and engineering centric procurements in the past 15 years. The total value of the procurement in these efforts approaches US$100 billion. Tipping Point is a regular advisor to industry in responding to government tenders, while separately advising state and federal governments on issues such as network capacity and operation, project assessments, operations advice, integrated ticketing and rail expansion. Several of our clients include Infrastructure Australia, Transport for NSW, and Auckland Transport.

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