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Capability is a dynamic combination of the corporation’s tools, processes and methods and the experience of those utilising them. The organisation is greater for the experience of the people and better for the resources, practices and culture its people apply to the task.

We have has extensive experience in formulating strategy for the Government and private sector, leading and designing global programmes in excess of $100 million and advising on procedures for technology centric procurement and implementation.

Our capability does not stem from being a large organisation. In fact, we believe that, strategically, we must ensure that we do not get ‘big’ and remain nimble and independent. Our focus is to utilise the most appropriate methods and, particularly, that the right team is being applied (irrespective of whether some or all team members are employees of Tipping Point).

We believe this approach provides a unique flexibility. In knowing our own capabilities and limitations, those of our partners and the wider industry, we form a collective team targeted to a singular goal.