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Tipping Point is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tipping Point Group of Hong Kong. Managed locally, the Group’s objective is to create long term value through the discovery, development and dissemination of best practice for addressing the emerging realisation of the carbon constrained world.

Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Integrate sustainability and consideration of carbon constraints into the decision processes of Government, the private sector and every individual.
  2. You only get what you measure — so set the right measures.

  3. Promote and improve best practice methods in infrastructure planning that address the complexity of today’s challenges.
  4. Nothing is stand-alone, find clarity in context.

  5. Foster best of breed outcomes through developing fit-for-purpose procurement.
  6. You get what you ask for.

  7. Lead and disseminate a structured leadership that is apolitical.
  8. Always keep the target in your sights, especially when it moves.

In addition to our service areas and participation in public and academic debate, Tipping Point donates 10% of its income to strategically aligned charities and benevolent organisations.