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The Tipping Point Institute is a think tank and policy advocate that was founded to nudge the governance of our cities and engage with the emerging wicked problems behind the housing affordability crisis and the containment of our society's role in climate change.

Tipping Point collaborates with public, private and not-for-profit organisations to guide a pathway through the immediate uncertainty and past the 'tipping point' to acceptable and positive resolutions. Today, we continue our efforts focused on what we see is the nexus point of our founding purpose, the transport network and transport services serving our growing cities.

Australia's cities are counted as some of the most liveable on earth, keeping them this way is going to mean adding high-speed rail services to link our cities to their hinterland, adding collaborative transport services for point-to-point travel, adding Metro and light rail networks, permitting self-driving vehicles on our roads and electrifying our cars while increasing the renewable energy proportion of the grid's supply.

Our economy and society are at a tipping point such that the consequences of our actions and inactions will ripple through many generations to follow. Changing the outcome requires changing the approach to the governance and the leadership on the significant decisions or we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. The Instiute works each day to shift how we define the challenges and how we look to resolve them to make our cities more inclusive and more liveable.